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Majorca Cycling Training Camp

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During your time with us in Majorca you can take advantage of group ride that leave the hotel each morning or you can take yourself out and explore the Island with club mates or friends. The rides cover a selection of routes and distances each day and cater for all abilities.

One of the main differences that sets the professional athletes apart from everyone else is the time they get for recovery. After a long and/or hard training session most of you have to go to work, go do the shopping, take the children to school so never really just relax and let your body completely recover afterwards. On our cycling training camp you get that time to relax. You can go out and train as hard or as long as you want and do so knowing that after the session you can relax!


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08:00 Horas, domingo, 25 de febrero 2018


Alcudia , Palma de mallorca Spain
calle mayor
07400 Alcudia


RG Active Ltd., Alcudia


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