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ST Georges DAY Celebrations Benidorm

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Something | 1971 | different for a change This will not affect Bolton Deaf Nights out in Bolton As its be a one off event
Just planning a get together for all Deaf and hearing friends etc to meet and enjoy a good time in Benidorm as sure be a good time as making St Georges Day a good day for everyone to meet up enjoy a fun day outing along the coast.
As plans are to meet at Planet Benidorm as a meeting point for all to meet up at different times during the day. More info to follow over the coming months.
*** However Bolton Deaf Night Out -- Admins --Will not be held responsible for booking your flights hotels apartments and your stay in Benidorm As will it be your own responsibly to book the holiday for your own groups and yourselves ***
There will be a gathering during the following weekend as Planet Benidorm will be the main meeting points if you all wish to meet there during your stay in Benidorm


00:00 Horas, jueves, 23 de abril 2020


Benidorm, Spain
03501 Benidorm Spain


Jimi Shields, Benidorm

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