4th Edition Of The Way of Legends | Burgos

4th Edition Of The Way of Legends

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Fully | 1971 | catered Six day ultra stage Race across the historic province of Burgos. The Race consists of 5 succesive stages longer than the legendary marathon distance of 42km followed by a final much shorter 6th stage along the historic pilgrimage path of Saint James to the finish line at the Cathedral of Burgos, a magnificent world heritage site. The Way of Legends is a fantastic oportunity to experience the natural beauty, culture, and gastronomy of this diverse region nestled between the two largest Spanish rivers The Ebro and The Duero.


12:00 Horas, viernes, 20 de septiembre 2019


Burgos, Spain
Pasaje de Radio Popular 09004 San Gil Burgos Spain

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Burgos Ultra Stage Race, Burgos

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