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Spring Walking Holiday In Grazalema.

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The | 1971 | village of Grazalema is in the province of Cádiz in Andalucia. It lies in the mountain range of the Sierra de Grazalema at 800m.
In 1977 this area was declared a “Reserve of the Biosphere” by UNESCO due to the exceptional variety and wealth of its flora and fauna.
This pretty village draws hill walkers from all over the world.
There are fantastic walks, a huge variety of flowers and diverse bird and Animal life.Large, soaring birds can easily be spotted in the high cliffs including Booted Eagles and Griffon Vultures.
An unforgettable guided walking holiday!


11:32 Horas, sábado, 27 de abril 2019


Grazalema, Spain
11610 Grazalema Spain


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