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Ashtanga Yoga PuraVida Retreat In Malaga

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We | 1971 | would like to welcome you to the first PuraVida retreats in the spectacular surroundings of Malaga (Costa del Sol, Andalusia). A 6-night active retreat in which you are invited to join Ashtanga Yoga and exercises focused on increasing stamina, strength, flexibility and balance. All of it will be combined with a delicious and healthy dinner. We want to show you that a healthy life style isn't that hard to achieve!
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Due to the ideal location of Hacienda Sol, you can enjoy hiking mountains, spend time by the sea and beaches, explore nearby lakes, do sightseeing and shopping, several holidays in one! So many options for your free time!


14:00 Horas, viernes, 25 de octubre 2019


Hacienda del Sol - Vélez Málaga
29715 Sedella Spain


Hacienda Sol - Vélez Málaga, Sedella

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