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Walking the Camino - Sarria to Santiago de Compostela

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This | 1971 | event is 5 days of walking in the most beautiful environment - if you want to join us please do get in touch for more information.
Day 1
Transfer to Sarria (the start of the route) from Santiago Airport
Day 2
Sarria to Portomarin - 13.9 Miles - 6h walking
Expect a peaceful walk in shady oak woods, pretty villages and on quiet country roads. The village of Barbedelo has a beautiful Romanesque church that is worth a visit. The next significant village is Ferreiros. When you arrive in Portomarin, you can chill out on one of the numerous terraces.
Day 3
Portomarin to Palas De Rei - 15.3 Miles - 6h15 walking
From the village, the Camino crosses the river Minho and climbs steadily uphill. On your way you will be crossing Gonzar and passing the Romanesque Church of Santa Maria, Castromaior. The calm of the Galician Cemetery in Ligonde on a sunny day is a rest in itself. In Eirexe, the Romanesque portal of the church is a beauty and features a sculpture of Daniel and animals, as well as Santiago de Peregrino inside. You will then arrive in Palais de Rei
Day 4
Palas De Rei – Arzua - 28.9 km - 18 Miles - 6h30 walking
Today the Camino continues slightly downhill, passing the village of Casanova and the charming village of Leboreiro. At Melide, stop in one of the many restaurants to try some local specialities. Melide is known for ‘Pulpo a Feira’, boiled Octopus. So be sure to try some local delicacies. Then you will follow a forest track and cross several streams bringing you to the village of Boente with its church of Santiago. Then the medieval village of Ribadiso, and finally Arzua.
Day 5
Arzua - Rua - 11.2 Miles - 5h15 walking
This shaded section of the Camino will pass through the woods, along streams and through sleepy villages. The rest of the way to Rua is on a good and quiet country road. Rua is one of the less crowded stopping points before Santiago de Compostela.
Day 6
Rua - SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA -13 Miles - 5h15 walking
The next stage will be Lavacolla where pilgrims traditionally washed in the river before reaching Santiago de Compostela. The tall eucalyptus trees line your way to Monte del Gozo. From the ‘Mount of Joy’ you can see your goal – the Cathedral of Santiago. After a descent to the city you will be able to witness this UNESCO World Heritage Site up-close. Marvel at the architecture and relish the wonderful atmosphere in this cultural and spiritual mecca.
Day 7
Transfer to the airport Santiago City to Santiago Airport


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